Musicians@Google Presents: Google Goes Gaga

Musicians@Google Presents: Google Goes Gaga

An exclusive Google interview with Lady Gaga!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Musicians@Google Presents: Google Goes Gaga

  1. jennsyoung says:

    Gaga is Gaga (sic)

  2. Austin Jones says:

    the lady interviewing is so annoying, they couldn’t find anyone cooler than that in the entire company of google to talk to gaga?

  3. Polona Florijancic says:

    Hahaha 16:58 love it!

  4. Google Student Events Kyiv says:

    For some reasons it has become one of my most favourite speeches. Hope you’re like it. Recorded at Google Talks

  5. Anthony Wilson says:

    I haven’t seen this interview, since the day it was uploaded. Just a reminder of how amazing she is and how much I love her.

  6. Patrick says:

    I handpainted those suckers LMFAO xD Love her soo much

  7. Nick Simpson says:

    Fucking love her

  8. prometheus5700 says:

    Lady Gaga looks like she’s attempting to channel Marquita Winter in “Days of Chatham Street Diaries”. What’s with the get-up Lady? Marissa looks like she just met Carol Burnette. Except it’s not – it’s – Marquita Winter in “Days of Chatham Street Diaries”. What an awkward mess.

  9. KenieMagmaTv says:

    I don’t think anyone realizes that the intervewer is also a fan, and she’s nervous. She’s interviewing her, and giggling out of excitement. Now admit. If you were interviewing her, you’d pass out. Who’d be the annoying interviewer, then?

  10. emer pop says:

    no she isnt. i think she’s cute

  11. SoMix3dchix says:

    No fuck the interviewer she fucked up tumblr.

  12. Subhranil Banerjee says:

    That interviewer is now the CEO of Yahoo !!

  13. Khgkiug Giugy says:

    if i was there and didn’t get a card, i would have knocked someone else out and taken theirs….. #BadKid

  14. muffingirl1606 says:

    She’s the CEO of yahoo :)

  15. Alan kav says:

    she’s just nervous, u dont have to be harsh to her…

  16. Serban Ghita says:

    The interviewer is Marissa Mayer the current CEO and President of Yahoo! I guess she was excited by the presence of GaGa, who wouldn’t be …

  17. Creanna Lannen says:

    omfg the interviewer seems sooo nervous like fucking breath and un clench ur buttcheecks.. relax

  18. Evol Electra says:

    People calm down. Can you imagine if you were interviewing Gaga? I know I would be acting worse than her.

  19. jiraxys09 says:

    Omg this is why she was hella late to the Oakland concert…

  20. shadowofanubis66 says:

    That reply is a stunning exercise on missing the point.

  21. Diego Reyes says:

    People knowing Marissa Mayer is doesn’t change that she’s a shitty interviewer.

  22. ramesh maharaj says:

    U have.

  23. Adam Pervez says:


  24. Jody Jingles says:

    LOL, the host looks like the mother of a 10 year old fan.

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