Mw3 : Black Ops 2 Ranking System DISSECTED

Mw3 : Black Ops 2 Ranking System DISSECTED Hopes for Competitive CoD, and the Ranking system Dissected! Leave a like or favorite if you actually enjoyed the video 🙂 Astro Gaming: Facebook: Imagine Customs: Youtube: Twitter: Scump OpTic King Red Hair Call of Duty Modern Warfare Optic gaming nation opticgaming opticnation pro mlg call duty champion mw3 modern warfare cod pp90 dome ctf protips game battles Scumpin’ on Kids Claw Grip apeX “Modern Warfare (Community)” “Call Duty” Scumperjumper Professional Scumpie Scumpy Scumpii Scumpi Competitive 40 Bomb Against Pro Team “Video Game” Imagine Custom Controller Rap Head This video will teach you how to : How to dissect gameplay from a trailer How to generalize and pray that you’re hopes are correct How to play Arkaden Kill Confirmed How to get trolled on Call of Duty
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13 thoughts on “Mw3 : Black Ops 2 Ranking System DISSECTED

  1. lol oookkkkk i kno u did thts y i gave u my username hahaha but nahhh dont worry ill check in on u in a couple months and see how ur doin in bo2 compared to me…itll be great to see that huge ego of yours go up in smoke

  2. dude i said ok. contiuning to say ur better than me, doesnt make better than me. You talk in circles and most of your points are “you think ur good and ur not” which honestly is not an arguement at all. I tire of trival banter, its just unnessary. idk why you felt the need to comment on my comment but whatever reason you TRIED to do it you kinda wasted your time. im done with this. well unless you do want to 1 v1 in which case my account is noobassassin– hmu if you feelin lucky 🙂

  3. oh yea i sure u took it as me admitting im not that good but normal people would just think that trashtalking over the internet is immature so i wasnt going to say im better than you untill i knew for sure (which im pretty confident about now)

  4. hahahahahahaha shit dude you shouldnt have told me ur k/d i respected u more before im sure ur pretty good but nothing i couldnt handle and sure why not if ur on ps3

  5. Thank you for admitting that your not that good. The thing is that (IM REALLY NOT TRYING TO BE COCKY) I dominate everybody I play in Cod. Cod4 KD like a 1.50 (my first cod), waw near a 2.50, MW2 2.20 k/d Bops 2.80 k/d, MW3 2.40 k/d and I also used to play that MLG aka gamebattles crap and was top 1000 in Mw2 and mw3. Never lost a 1v1 on mw2 rust with guns back in the day, can almost anybody at 1v1 domination on dome. so hmu. lol. even though i dont really play cod atm, CS ftw atm

  6. lol dont antagaize my skill level over the internet there is a 50% chance of either one of us being better than the other so dont get cocky. Second didnt i tell you i didnt mind playing good players its good to have competion sometimes but not every second i play the game even an oh so godly “competitive” player like you cant have amazing gameplays against ppl of ur skill level. just in case u dont understand I DONT MIND PLAYING AGAINST COMPETITIVE PLAYERS SOMETIMES, JUST NOT EVERY TIME I PLAY

  7. The thing is is that I just say “casual players” like you think your really good at COD but the reality of it is that you guys are USUALLY Awful asoon as you play a competitive player like me. I mean, you never know, you might be actually good, but the chances are that your not. Now you will able to see if you can compete against top players and then compare yourself to them. its gonna be sick AF

  8. haha im sure it does sound like that. I guess there is nothing i can say to change your mind but nah im very ok with playing good players dont get me wrong i hold my own BUT its always great to just kick back and go for those 100 kill games and those double/thriple Moabs. Now this guy is the number 1 ranked player in the world yet i have never seen him get a higher killstreak than like six against ppl of his caliber…its not fun having to go try hard every single time you play:/

  9. some how this didnt show up in my subbox however this was linked on the MLG website where they were talking about true skill match making. getting more coverage now seth

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