MW3 Online – Max Level – Desert Eagle – The Deadly Deagle!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to MW3 Online – Max Level – Desert Eagle – The Deadly Deagle!

  1. PEKELO94 says:

    right when i saw it i was thinking: this HAS to be in the top comments.

  2. raejen moabs says:

    its reDICKulos recoil

  3. eriray12 says:

    I unsubbed… just to sub again to this beast!

  4. OkAtEverything says:

    I have no subscribers. I also have almost no videos. I could be a guy, a girl, one person or two. I will post a video of who I/we are once I hit 100 subs, i will also buy and HDPVR then. Until then I will post small game clips from theater mode. Also, there will be a clue to who I/we are in this message and every video leading up to the reveal. Good luck finding out who I am. THERE WILL BE A GIVEAWAY to who guesses a series of questions correctly.(they will be released soon).

  5. CpHakR1 says:

    Do top 5 best top 5 worst and top 5 underrated or surprisingly good secondaries

  6. LetsPlaySomePS3 says:

    you get akimbo before tac knife

  7. runeric2 says:

    Nice vid dis enasty24

  8. 1fireupThe says:

    did u get a moab that game

  9. shootEMlikeCrazy says:

    akimbo deagles > akimbo .44’s > akimbo FMG9’s

  10. TheDumbDirtShow says:

    MK14 Desert Eagle HC FFA

  11. TheDumbDirtShow says:

    Lol 2:44 bullet spread looks like a penis

  12. HappyGoLuckyMetal says:

    @ldridgley Yes you are correct. Black Ops 2 is more refined, not as laggy. The bullet spread is more wide. Especially when rushing…

  13. HappyGoLuckyMetal says:

    I got 1000 headshots with the Deagle.

  14. Billa094 says:

    I was a master of the desert eagle in mw2

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  16. ThewiggstarHD says:

    Just started A new channel and would really appeciate it if you could check it out. Thanks

  17. 1998pieter1998 says:

    Sleith of hand you can pull them super fast out !!!!!!

  18. 04turnda says:

    alright jayex23 i don’t have twitter but wouldn’t mind playing online with you and your beast army any way I could do this without having to make a twitter account?

  19. john morgan says:

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