MX Financial Services Purchases key Title Loan Assets Through Max Cash Title Loans to Expand its Market Share and Provide Improved Service

Wood Dale, Illinois (PRWEB) November 19, 2012

With the recent purchase of Max Cash Title Loans by MX Financial Services, the company is taking further steps to provide customer advocacy-oriented title loan services. In order to continue to provide the most competitive services for the title loan consumer, Max Cash Title Loans purchased premier auto title loan companies internet assets from Title Loans Pro, Title Loans CA, Pink Slip Title Loans, and Title Loans Chicago to increase its market penetration across the United States. These companies will bring an additional 30,000 visitors to Max Cash Title Loans, increasing their ability to provide more entry points to the consumer for quality title loan services and will make the Max Cash Title Loan name one of the top three title loan brands in the nation.

With heavy penetration in cities such as San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland, Title Loans CA has long been an excellent resource for auto title loans in California, specifically the Northern region of the state. The complement to Title Loans CA is Pink Slip Title Loans, which has long been successful in the Southern California markets of Los Angeles and San Diego. Not only does Pink Slip Title Loans have a staple in the Southern California region, but they have a proven business model throughout all of California, New Mexico and Arizona. This is a perfect and logical extension for MX Financial Services.

Title Loans Chicago has been an excellent and highly-respected portal for car title loan services in Chicago. With Chicago being the third-largest metropolitan area in the nation, the title loan market has grown exponentially throughout the city of Chicago, as well as in the large suburban areas of Aurora, Elgin, and Naperville.

Title Loans Pro has acted as a leading hub for auto title loans throughout the nation, offering quality information on vehicle title loan processes. Title Loans Pro is well-known for their websites ease of use and navigation. Title loan consumers across the United States, especially in Nevada, Illinois, and Missouri, have long found that being connected to an esteemed lender can be achieved through Title Loans Pro.

Our goal is to humanize the process of receiving title loans and act as consumer advocates in an industry where many companies have turned their customers into a series of robotic credentials of numerical value, states Fred Winchar, President of MX Financial Services. We understand that oftentimes our customers require a vehicle title loan to help them afford tuition for their children to go to school, or so they can make a mortgage payment, or to cover payroll for the staff of their small business. In consolidating these auto title loan companies, MaxCash Title Loans and MX Financial Services are able to provide our unique services to more people that need our help.

The aggregate of these title loan companies will provide a new edge to the MX Financial portfolio. It is estimated to raise its market share by more than 11 percent, allowing for continued growth into television and radio.

MX Financial Services is owned by QuadW International who recently announced their corporate partnership with Turning Pointe Autism Foundation of Naperville, IL. Recently featured in MarketWatch, the Wall Street Journal and soon to be featured in CEOCFO magazine.

MX Financial Services, and its brand, Max Cash Title Loans, provides customer advocacy in the area of loan applications and loan processing procedures, allowing them to focus on the needs of the consumer and connect them with a trusted lender who best suits their immediate title loan needs.

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