24 Replies to “My Beats Headphone Ranking / Purchase Guide”

  1. This video is for people who want to buy beats, not bose or ATH-m50s. So quit talking about things like that. Also, quit being such haters against people who like beats. Its their opinion..

  2. Never trust a headphone brand that does not include a frequency range on it… if you don’t know what that is you might as well buy beats because your a fucking retard!

  3. Im not a big fan of beats headphones by dre, especially after my first two pairs snapped. but i highly suggest you buy them specifically for what they are for. A 12 year old wouldnt need the beats mixers..

  4. i dont know why anyone would buy beats. they are way too expensive. the Audio-Technica ATH M50s are only $104 right now on amazon! they are so much better than any beats headphones.

  5. Who said you had to buy either Beats or Souls? There are a lot of great name brands out there. Sol Republic, Sony, Skullcandy, Fanny Wang, V-Moda, Sennheiser, AKG, HiFiMAN, Bose, Philips, Ultrasone, Logitech, Grado, Audio-Technica, SMS Audio, Beyerdynamic, Kicker, et cetera. Hey, there’s even a brand of headphones named PARROT! You don’t have to limit your choices to Beats or Soul headphones.

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