my bot showcase

my ra2 bots and some fight clps.
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10 Responses to my bot showcase

  1. Cory FJ Fleming says:

    nice bots but that seriously is the worst song I ever herd

  2. davidjuchem says:

    where u get Warhog?

  3. MICmasterstorm says:

    here’s the stats (or at least what i can remember about tsunami since my memory is not very good)the flipper is chaos 2’s flipper (the closest thing i could find to tsunamis flipper) powered by a earthquake burst motor and thats all i can remember

  4. ResettisReplicas says:

    Any chance we could see more Tsunami? I didn’t really get a good look at it in the video.

  5. courthousedoc says:

    yes and no s.o.s uses alaphsims burst moturs and a eartquake motors

  6. krisboom765 says:

    did u rupt s.o.s?

  7. ScrapDadddy says:

    Well yeah look. I said that 6 months ago when the forums were active. Atari wiped the entire forum so everyone went gametechmods.

  8. courthousedoc says:

    the ra2 fourms are dying so i joined the gametechmods fourms

  9. courthousedoc says:

    s.o.s now has 8 flippers at least on it

  10. courthousedoc says:

    yes it is a replica of warhog and no there is no other way to control the bots other than controlling them at the same time ps: i know aam but ia am not telling how to do it

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