23 Replies to “My EXO Vocal Ranking”

  1. I also think that Chen has the best control when it come to singing! His live performance is always great! I thought he was only good at singing high notes but I realise he also does well in low pitches (EXO members approve of this). He has a powerful voice and I think the song that gives him the most space for showing his vocal skills is Miracles of December. It’s like tailor-made for him! (Of course other members are brilliant too, just that the part he sings makes him really outstanding!)

  2. Tbh, i cant really rank top 3 but i will still put chen in first. he has the best control. Baekhyun is great but he dont really have control. he strains when he hit high notes. Im not saying that can do high notes = great vocal. but high notes is part of vocal skills. If you watch their nonlipsyn you’ll know what i mean. D.O voice is more of manly kind… haha

  3. D.O Chen and Baekhyun are number 1 for me because I think they all sing great but in their own ways you know what I mean. It’s not like theirs only one way to sing.. No their are different ways and I think these three have perfected different kinds of singing in their own way so I can’t really decide

  4. Xiumins a great singer 🙁 I think he deserves higher even though he’s not my bias I think baekyun has more control then I’ll go with Chen since he’s a great singer D.O is good too but he needs more practice when it comes to high notes 

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