My Google Search History

Ltd Edition SIGNED Posters! – USA Store: I read some of the weirder entries from my go…

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18 Responses to My Google Search History

  1. TheGirlWithRayBans says:

    I just checked mine… “Do babies ribbet” omg that one scared me

  2. flishlish says:

    I checked mine and its really boring! “Coral palaeontology” “Cd/P in deep-see sediments” “eliminate small regions in arcmap” “aster band ratios” “weather in quebec”

  3. Rose K says:

    I love the fact that you posted a video on my birthday! That was one of the best birthday presents! Thx Phil!

  4. Argentum477 says:

    All this makes me think of is all the horrific things my friends have typed into Google while using my phone and then handing it back to me… That Google remembers is a terrifying thought.

  5. Alia McBride says:

    Jerk chicken is DELICIOUS. Well, at least when my mum made it.

  6. Natalie Lydia says:

    LEGOLAS!! Haha aww that’s my history I bet lol

  7. Diz Plicity says:

    Why must I live in the U.S!?!

  8. Cassie Cossette says:

    Oh Phil, <33

  9. Mey Rin says:

    omg Phil this is wonderful information

  10. Ging3rf0x says:

    Make dan do this.

  11. mrmoose luke says:

    u should use a pic of nic cages face as the star, as is tradition in my family

  12. ToxicScene says:

    Phil, are you hiding your porn searches from us to keep your innocence? It’s okay Phil we all love you no matter what! ^_^

  13. Andrew hallis says:

    I’ve had horrible experiences,where people use my tablet,search,and give it back to me.The horror……the horror.

  14. Hai Itz Daisy says:

    *high five* We both don’t like Jellybabies ;D

  15. Anna The Unicorn says:

    Breeding narwhals…. *terrifying mental image* 

  16. Wazzup5641 says:

    Hehe… Attack on titan 😀 

  17. Lizzy styles says:

    Phil: Why would i search 2013 Glee calender? Me: so is that weirder then searching sexy male torso in your history??? lol

  18. calm andcarzy says:

    Oh your so cute 

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