My “Lost in Space” replica B9 robot

My “Lost in Space” B9 robot replica that I built.
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9 Responses to My “Lost in Space” replica B9 robot

  1. jerico641 says:


  2. Bill Tracy says:

    I can double as a passable Christmas Tree – LMAO!!! LOVE IT!! WANT IT!!

  3. MrHulltech2 says:

    Too Cool !

  4. 666MikeRochip says:

    Jeez that’s awesome…I love it to!

  5. umajunkcollector says:

    If I was a rich man… I’d buy one of these and the batmobile too. Both are for sale on YT – custom made!

  6. paul fuller says:

    You can buy these from a company in America if you’ve got the moolah.

  7. jupitr2 says:

    Very cool Bob! Congrats to you on a dream come true! It really is amazing that the B9 is alive and well these days and living large due to such a loving fanbase. I don’t think there will ever be such a show where the characters (or props) were as endearing to fans as what those from ‘Lost In Space’ were. The B9 rocks!

  8. JeffersonDinedAlone says:

    The ultimate geek toy.  Unless the Jupiter II replica becomes available.

  9. hrdley911 says:

    Unbelievable! Fantastic job!

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