My Personal Ranking: Anna

My Personal Ranking: Anna

READ* Just to say, 41-20 I generally like the voices, but I had to put them in an order depending on how much I was ‘attached’ to them :) Here’s a ranking o…

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17 Responses to My Personal Ranking: Anna

  1. ZorroPlateado says:

    We have the same number 1 :) I love Mimmi so much.

  2. Let My Heart Free says:

    I kinda disagree with some places , especially with Catalan & Greek . I am sad that Vassia is hated because of her mature vocie , because she is so warm , powerful , passionate and so into it . But anyway great ranking and editing as always :), some of my faves stand high in your ranking and that amkes me happy :)

  3. Eadie Stroud says:

    Great video! I am trying to do an Anna ranking atm, but it is so difficult as the vast majority of the voices are very good!

  4. Leonardo Ayala says:

    Great video, though I once again am baffled by the hatred people have for Carmen. Seriously, she’s right in my top 3 :) I don’t understand. I also think Finnish, Danish, Icelandic, Latin Spanish and a few others should be much lower. But looking at the things we do agree on, MIMMI IS AMAZING <3<3<3 top 5 for sure, AMYLEA IS AMAZING top 3 for sure. I also really agree with Polish, Russian, Flemish and Putonghua :D

  5. Malaika Z. A. Aladdin says:

    We share the same Number One! Mimmi is the best and most beautiful Anna for me! Love her!<3

  6. śłimąki says:

    Swedish, love it :) My favorite as well 😀 Great top!

  7. WinxSB says:

    Why everybody dislikes the Hungarian Anna? :( 

  8. TruEcho says:

    Thanks for 1:st place <3<3 I LOVE Mimmis voice <3

  9. Mie Michella says:

    I did NOT expect Danish to be that high, wow, thank you for liking her! :’) I agree pretty much on your ranking from start till end. Only a small changes would be in mine ranking :p

  10. Felicia Goldfire says:

    Thank you for first place, I really love Mimmi’s voice too. I’m very happy with the entire Swedish dub of Frozen :) I agree for the most part, but I haven’t made my ranking yet so I’m not entirely sure what I think about all the voices ^^

  11. Hibana Koseki says:

    Agree with a lot of versions :) Nice ranking!

  12. I Love Cartoons says:


  13. Disney Queens says:

    Thanks for 8th place <33

  14. winxcastellano says:

    What? Why 42th?

  15. Aysha Wattellier says:

    Thanks for the 9th place I actually prefer her even if I kinda like my country version. :D

  16. Frozen Ann says:

    Thanks for 7:st place

  17. O0H0O1 says:

    I really love the korean but I agree with you much :)

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