My Personal Ranking ~ Top 20 Pop Part Of Your World

[Edit]: 01/07/2012: Natalie should be Nathalie! The list is from 07Laranja07’s videos! Please comment (nicely) with your opinions! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Full list of versions: 1# English Broadway: Sierra Boggess 2# Japanese: Ayaka Hirahara 3# English: Skye Sweetnam 4# Canadian French: Elizabeth Blouin Bratwaite 5# French: Natalie Fauran 6# Dutch: ???? 7# English: Christa Bendell 8# Polish: Renata Dabkowska 9# Chinese Mandarin: Jin Sha 10# French 1989 CD: Anne Meson 11# Russian: Yulia Volkova 12# Brazilian Portugese: Larissa Ribeiro 13# Spanish: Nuria and Veronica 14# Spanish: Myra 15# Thai: Tata Young 16# English: Jessica Simpson 17# English: Anne Marie Boskovitch 18# Spanish: Tatiana 19# English: Cheryl 20# Czech: Sabina Laurinova 21# English: Ashley Childs 22# German CD: ???? 23# English: Q;indivi 24# Danish: Simone Egeriis 25# German Broadway: ???? 26# English: May J 27# Spanish: El Sueno de morfeo 28# English: Anna Maria Perez 29# English: Radio Disney Pop Dreams 30# French: Jil Caplan 31# English: Miley Cyrus 32# Brazilian Portugese: Claudette Soars Love: 1-10 Like: 11-18 Dislike: 19-25 Hate: 26-32 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Extra notes: ♥ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be

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19 Responses to My Personal Ranking ~ Top 20 Pop Part Of Your World

  1. ba9bii says:

    15# is my favorite < 3

  2. KHeartsdiva54321 says:

    if there is I haven’t found it, sorry :(

  3. shosho9977 says:

    is there Arabic one ??

  4. twilightfan1231000 says:

    I personally wouldn’t consider the Broadway version a “pop version”. I only count the pop ones the ones that came out as a cover by a certain artist, as part of an album. The Broadway one is still part of the show. But good list though!

  5. KHeartsdiva54321 says:

    Sorry about that, that’s what it said in the video I got these versions from :(

  6. Snoopydu54 says:

    I just love Sierra’s voice and I totally agree for the first place but I hate English (3) and I don’t like Japanese :/ But you have great top :’33 But it’s NatHalie, not Natalie :)

  7. KHeartsdiva54321 says:

    Look at the title and description these are POP versions, the original isn’t counted and Jodi is ranked in my ranking video of Ariel’s voices, look at my videos to find it :)

  8. KHeartsdiva54321 says:

    I listened to 07Laranja07’s video and she put all of these versions in, but I realise there’s so much more these versions :) Glad you like some of them though and OMG the ‘Dutch one is ABYSSMAL’ made me think you were saying something dirty because I looked up the word abyssmal and it means…I can’t possibly say it’s so gross unless you want me to tell you privately? xD xxxx

  9. rishabhrox1 says:

    Hmm….. For Pop Versions I don’t have a specific opinion, because “POP” itself means that the voices would be modern! Higher: English (Jessica<3), Spanish (Nuria & Veronica), Spanish (Tatiana), Thai Lower: Brazilian, Polish

  10. KHeartsdiva54321 says:

    I’m glad you commented <33 xD

  11. MegaNastya15 says:

    Higher: English (19), Spanish (18), Polish <3<3, Brazilian <3, Canadian (my favourite version) Lower: English (16), Spanish (13), French (both), English (7), English (3), English (broadway, i don`t sooo fond of her voice) Agree: English (17), Thai, Spanish (14), Russian, Mandarin, Dutch, Japanese (really beautiful)

  12. KHeartsdiva54321 says:

    If you look in my video description it says: Love: 1-10 Like: 11-18 Dislike: 19-25 Hate: 26-32 xxxx

  13. KHeartsdiva54321 says:

    I dislike Czech as well really and Chely because of their voices but it’s better than the ones below 20th I start to like from 18th to 1st :) xxxx

  14. charguigou says:

    Love : Spanish (Tatiana), Spanish (Myra), Spanish (Nuria&V.), French (Nathalie), Quebec, Japanese, Enlish Broadway <3 (Skye)

  15. KHeartsdiva54321 says:

    I think the only ones that don’t keep the true meaning of the song and made it very pop in my top 20 is Mandarin and Skye’s English version because I love singing and dancing to them and it’s been like that for a while xD While the rest like the rest of the English Pop Versions (Radio Disney Pop Dreams, Q;indivi and May J) make it more pop/rock like I think the only pop/rock version I like is Skye’s because it really gets me dancing and it does show the rebellious side to Ariel <3

  16. denkleinrider says:

    I meant it’s really hard to rank the pop versions :) But you’re right, only a few kept the passion of POYW.

  17. KHeartsdiva54321 says:

    Like my top 10 for example xD

  18. KHeartsdiva54321 says:

    Courageous? Why? I like quite a few of them xD Only a few keep the pure passion of this song but there’s quite a few I like and I think so many have pretty voices xD

  19. denkleinrider says:

    You must be courageous to listen every pop version to make a TOP :) My fav is Sierra Boggess ever <3 !

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