My Robot Arena 2 Robot Showcase

Enjoy =P Note: This was made half-way through filming Series 3 of TVF Note2: Most of these robots ren’t serious, and were built as experiments; I can spot the obvious flaws myself, so only point out things that aren’t painfully obvious if you want to tell me how to improve 😉
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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7 Responses to My Robot Arena 2 Robot Showcase

  1. haycm001 says:

    unless there is so much force the parts ripped through the armour

  2. ROBOTWARS999 says:

    u used razer claw thts a download fromGTM

  3. runeslice1 says:

    love the bot that used the silver spinner…

  4. Bodabem says:

    Are you kidding? About half these bots were very unrealistic. Parts to do NOT go through the body.

  5. yellowchairreviews says:

    INCREDIBLE bots. Gametechmods got nothing on you! Cyberswish gave me a GREAT idea for one of mine! thank you for gracing us with your awesomeness!

  6. TraINegATIve9 says:

    your bots r hella good!

  7. n64boys says:

    Cool video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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