My Top 10 Games of 2012

TotalBiscuit counts down the games he enjoyed the most in 2012.

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14 Responses to My Top 10 Games of 2012

  1. guns4sam says:

    Im a Happy Potato

  2. TheJesperAble says:

    Just helping

  3. TheJesperAble says:

    You’re wrong ^_^

  4. MrTaWsiTi says:

    one of the best game of all time and awsome MMORPG Game i ever saw, it have Bilions of players + every month new Champion release 😀 /watch?v=pyrMw2SuUos&feature=y­

  5. Dethguy FIN says:

    Dat comment

  6. Tony Montana says:

    No you “shall not pass” cause i’m Tony Montana, say hello to my little friend

  7. marduk ishenhougher says:

    get out of here . cause im a chaos space marine

  8. Morotsmax says:

    Get out, cause I’m Gandalf.

  9. archie pullan says:

    you don’t exist anymore…

  10. Zennar says:

    You think? :D

  11. Zennar says:

    That you are A: a fan of shooters, i dare say exclusively play them, and B: a fan of the call of duty series, a series that, at least in my eyes, remained static only like its mortal enemy, the battlefield series. Both only live through their multiplayer parts, a fact I find a bit unsatisfactory.

  12. steven dok says:

    what kinda pattern?

  13. TheWwweee says:

    Fps much?

  14. fearedjames says:

    I chose the ones which were the least kiddy of the 10. Torchlight 2 is not a kids game. There is a difference between a game designed for kids, and a game that kids want to play. CoD is not a kids game, but damn do kids want and play it. 

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