My Top 10 Games of 2012

TotalBiscuit counts down the games he enjoyed the most in 2012.

14 thoughts on “My Top 10 Games of 2012

  1. one of the best game of all time and awsome MMORPG Game i ever saw, it have Bilions of players + every month new Champion release 😀 /watch?v=pyrMw2SuUos&feature=y­

  2. That you are A: a fan of shooters, i dare say exclusively play them, and B: a fan of the call of duty series, a series that, at least in my eyes, remained static only like its mortal enemy, the battlefield series. Both only live through their multiplayer parts, a fact I find a bit unsatisfactory.

  3. I chose the ones which were the least kiddy of the 10. Torchlight 2 is not a kids game. There is a difference between a game designed for kids, and a game that kids want to play. CoD is not a kids game, but damn do kids want and play it. 

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