14 Replies to “My Top 10 Games of 2012”

  1. one of the best game of all time and awsome MMORPG Game i ever saw, it have Bilions of players + every month new Champion release 😀 /watch?v=pyrMw2SuUos&feature=y­outu.be

  2. That you are A: a fan of shooters, i dare say exclusively play them, and B: a fan of the call of duty series, a series that, at least in my eyes, remained static only like its mortal enemy, the battlefield series. Both only live through their multiplayer parts, a fact I find a bit unsatisfactory.

  3. I chose the ones which were the least kiddy of the 10. Torchlight 2 is not a kids game. There is a difference between a game designed for kids, and a game that kids want to play. CoD is not a kids game, but damn do kids want and play it. 

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