My Top 5 Websites To Use With The 3DS Browser
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19 Responses to My Top 5 Websites To Use With The 3DS Browser

  1. archavez100 says:

    There is a website for the 3ds that works really well. It is called

  2. olimopoli says:

    You have to register with Cade too. 3DSCade is launching soon I hope.

  3. robvadeberg says:

    A downside of 3dsplaza is that you have to register, but once you did it’s better, because it fits the 3DS’ screens and it has better games.

  4. olimopoli says:

    Yawn. Cade ftw.

  5. robvadeberg says:

    Haven’t heard of 3dsplaza (.com)?

  6. ZomBIEKAI4 says:

    my fav is

  7. olimopoli says:

    ok :) I have a new camera so it’s a lot better than this one (JVC) the sites are listed in the description, enjoy!

  8. catch262 says:

    check your camera for a “macro” setting… this will allow for closeup focusing…. oh yeah, it would be nice if you listed links for these sites in the description… Thanks for the video :)

  9. shawnisever says:

    update the system

  10. justronify says:

    nice green lightsaber :)

  11. Mblemceo says:

    i’m black and THAT…IS…FUNNY! XD

  12. HeartBreakKid887 says:

    you have to do your system update

  13. joeeks says:

    you should put the names of the website in the description cuz i cant hear some of the names you said or see

  14. anthony15601 says:

    thank u for showing me these epic sites O_O also, facebook now is,whats the word, compatible with the 3ds

  15. olimopoli says:

    No problem :)

  16. TheLollipopPrincess7 says:

    Really wish i could go on internet with 3ds. And i said that before it worked! Thanks so much! I can go on the internet now and now i know what the estore is and i didn’t buy any games yet, but i downloaded Netflix and Nintendo Video for free. Thanks so much!

  17. olimopoli says:

    Really wish you could do what?

  18. TheLollipopPrincess7 says:

    I know! I really wish i could, thanks for the info.

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