My Top Websites + 500-Subscriber Thanks

Thank you guys for 500 subscribers. You rock! In this video I’m also gonna show you my favorite websites. Here are the links: (You’re in i…
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10 Responses to My Top Websites + 500-Subscriber Thanks

  1. redman6657 says:


  2. azlan mahmud says:

    Where did u get it? my brother wants it

  3. CompterCrazy says:

    Congrats! 😀

  4. AlexBestGTA says:

    booyea whats up? che figata xD

  5. Ridley Day says:

    Congrats dude!

  6. ethan says:

    Ben 10 application?

  7. UnknownVirus12 says:

    Why removing my comments subcribers don’t matter

  8. ftdj says:

    fattelo regalare per natale :) nel senso come ho fatto io… un po di soldi da i miei genitori un po’ dai nonni un po’ dai miei zii ecc…ecc…

  9. ftdj says:

    io parlavo di portatili non di fissi!

  10. youwe4 says:

    WOO! Another Macintosh Fan! Yes!

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