My Weight Loss: How I Lost A Quarter of my Body Weight

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23 thoughts on “My Weight Loss: How I Lost A Quarter of my Body Weight

  1. really inspiring video well done for being so brave posting this video! I don’t want to lose that much weight because I know I’m not too much overweight but I feel like if I carry on the way that I am I’m gonna continue getting closer and closer to being overweight 🙁

  2. Hi, have you thought about this diet plan called the Proladox Diet Plan? My cousin says it helps people lost crazy amounts of weight. Is that possible? I also noticed many good review relating to this diet plan. Thoughts?

  3. Here’s my story: I used to eat too much. My parents fed me if there was war outdoors. I ate so much stuff, I gained 1-2 kg everyday in one period of my life. So I got my 74+. I hated myself. Hated so much, I had no reason to do anything. Now I’m living alone. I eat less. I weight 52+ now. I adore myself. Everyday now I want to sing, I smile every minute. I like what I see in the mirror.

  4. I would also love it if you did a video with examples of what you eat for your 6 small meals. My husband and I are trying to change to a healthier mind set so we can keep up with our 4yr old better! =) Great post by the way. Pretty awesome that you let us in to your life like that. You are a wonderful role model.

  5. Thanks I have always have had problems with stress eating (luckily its ways been healthy food) but I am going to try the 6 small meals thing an maybe that will help. Thanks for sharing your story. Also do you know what would make it easier to do the 6 small meals when juggling school and work to?

  6. This video really motivated me 🙂 I have always feel like lack of confidence in my whole life and I really need to try on this method~Thanks for this video

  7. Very very helpful, I’ve already made some of these changes and they have worked for me, so I will definitely add your tips. Just like you more than a diet, what I’m really looking for is a healthier life style that will help me feel and look better. God bless you. Thanks!

  8. Wow! You’re such a beautiful person! I have always struggled with my weight and after giving birth it has not gotten any better, and you just lifted my spirit a little bit. Thank you so much for this (and also the amazing hair and make-up tutorial)

  9. Thanks for this vid 🙂 ur so brave for opening up ab ur insecurities and eating disorder. So glad ur in a healthier mindset now. I’m also trying to change into a healthier lifestyle 😀

  10. I really admire you for having the courage to share your fight with your weight, youre a big life example and i am gonna take every little thing that you say here just to start my way into weight loss and changing life. So thank you so much for promote a healty life over a crazy diet. So thanks and ill send you love and best wishes from (quite far away) Argentina :). And sorry if this comment seems a little rare but this video really mobilized me

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