Provides a New Alternative to Profitable Blogging

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) June 13, 2012

A recent article from Fox News discusses the potential benefits of blogging for stay-at-home parents. The practice is connecting people all over the Internet and providing a way for people to discuss their interests. Additionally, blogging has provided a way for people to profit. Typically, blogs with high traffic make a considerable amount of money by providing ad space. This revelation has many people considering how they can profit from the unlimited expanse of the Internet. While blogging may appeal to the creatively-inclined entrepreneur, is providing another alternative to the online business world.

Online affiliate marketing is a newer option available to those who want to supplement their income by using the Internet. Todays stay-at-home parents and recent college graduates are suffering from the weakened economy and are turning to the practice that is facilitated through resources such as These members follow a simple practice: they use the resources provided by and set up their own online stores. These stores contain products from several outside manufacturers, but users do not have to worry about acquiring such goods or shipping them.

The only thing affiliate marketers need to be concerned with, is driving more traffic to their site to sell more merchandise. For many, the best way to increase traffic is through social media websites. Affiliate marketers are using popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to their online store. The practice not only increases business, it is allowing entrepreneurs to engage in a new conversation with other consumers. Instead of offering opinions, such as in blogs, affiliate marketers are using conversation to offer products, services and solutions to the needs of American consumers.

The Fox News article describes blogging as a rewarding experience, but ultimately one that requires a lot of time, effort, and passion behind the writing to make it successful. For some bloggers, financial profits were not seen until several years after they began the blog. While is not a get-rich quick scheme, it provides a faster way for beginners to learn the business and see profitable results. Many users have found that running their online store only requires about an hour of their time each day.

Although provides an alternative to those considering the business of blogging, the company does not write-off the financial benefits of blogs altogether. In fact, those who already have successful blogs can use their web site to promote their affiliate store that is run through For reasons like these, the company urges users to consider all the ways one can benefit from the Internet when it comes to supplementing income.


Through the benefits of the online marketplace, provides Internet users with a way to establish successful affiliate marketing stores. Complete with educational tools and superior customer service, offers an affordable way for individuals to supplement their income. Even for those who are inexperienced with online marketing and e-commerce, the process of affiliate marketing is convenient and easy-to-learn through

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