MyAdvertisingPays LONDON UK Hotel Business Opportunity PresentationTraining Saturday 4th April 2015

MyAdvertisingPays LONDON UK Hotel Business Opportunity PresentationTraining Saturday 4th April 2015
Event on 2015-04-04 13:00:00



The MyAdvertisingPays March LONDON UK Hotel Business 
Opportunity Presentation Followed by Fast Start Training by Maps Success Team Leaders and DIAMONDS!

Fresh with all the latest facts/figures/updates! You don't want to miss out on this Exciting MONEY Making Event! 

You will learn how to make money within the HOUR then Every 20 Minutes, just by clicking just 10 ads a day! 

Over 110,000+ members worldwide, and the company served over 252 MILLION ADVERTISING CLICKS and Served over 290 MILLION Banner Ads in 2014 alone!

Also learn all about our NEW Maps PRODUCT launch "The Wheel Of Fortune" which will take your incomes to the next level.  

We also have NEW trainers and speakers including how to use LinkedIN to drive traffic, how to choose the best products to market on the traffic ad platform. Leadership skills, Free Marketing/paid Marketing/Social Media Marketing & so much more!

Meet the FIRST ever MAPS MILLIONAIRE! Plus meet all the MAPS Movers & Shakers! 

A day of inspiration & motivation & also to LEARN what to do & how to do it. 

Hang out with all the Maps Leaders & pick there brains one on one on what it takes to get your business & income to the next level. 


Saturday APRIL 4th – 2015

Cumberland Hotel
Great Cumberland Place
Marble Arch

Registration from 12.30pm
Prompt 1pm Start


Here's what happend at other LONDON Maps Event…


The next LONDON event will be even better!


Here's some photo's from the last LONDON MAPS Events…


Presentation & Training By MyAdvertisingPays Top Earner Simon Stepsys (Earning Over 140K+ a MONTH)

Come & learn from the MyAdvertisingPays Top Earners on what it takes to be mega successful.

Come & learn, hang out & have FUN with all the MAPS top earners!


INVITE yourself first then invite all your contacts/team members & prospects. 

Tickets are selling FAST & the event will be a sell out!

Over half the tickets we already SOLD at the last event so ORDER NOW to GUARANTEE your seats. 

This is the BEST time to build! 

ORDER NOW to Guarantee your seat! 



MAPS Business Opportunity Presentation & Updates
Fast Start Training to include latest updates by all DIAMOND 1200 Team Members. 

How Top Earner Simon Stepsys 
Reached 1200 Credit Packs in 9 just weeks!

Also how to do this in 3, 6 & 12 months.

How To Market Online (for Free)

Social Media Marketing

Offline Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Free Marketing

How To EARN even more with the Traffic Exchange. 

How to get 50 Referrals per WEEK. 

How to scale up your earnings & daily income.

How to automate your business

All the secrets shared by all the top earners on how they build. 

Plus a whole lot more!

Plus Q & A session which will give you all the latest updates
& answer all your questions.

Come & meet all the leaders from all over the UK who
will help you make even more money.

INVITE all your friends/contacts.prospects.

Finish Approx 3.30pm to 4pm

Optional Drinks & hang out at the Bar! (Cheeky Pint Time)

INVITE Yourself FIRST then INVITE ALL your Prospects.



We even had members fly in from Ireland, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Philipines, France, Switzerland, Bahrain, India & many more! 

Don't miss this event! & be sure to INVITE INVITE INVITE.

I have also reduced Hotel rates for MyAdvertisingPays Team Members. 


Organsing & running events in central LONDON is very expensive. So on that basis…

There is a small cover charge of just £5 per person which goes towards the cost of the room hire, audio, screen, projector hire. payable in advance. (I am still paying for the majority of the costs) 

If you have guests & other team members then buy as many as you can! 


The event will SELL OUT FAST. 

in the event that tickets do not sell out (highly unlikely) tickets will be available on the door for £10 payable on the day. 

However to GUARANTEE your seat BOOK NOW! 

See you all there.


Simon Stepsys

UK 07971 88 55 60 


ELITE 100+ Credit Pack Club members & ALL DIAMOND 1200 Club Members we meet in the 
morning at the Hotel 10.00am for leadership mastermind, 
early lunch & hang out!

Here's what happend at other LONDON Maps Event…








The Events Work as people see that MAPS is a REAL Business!

Peter Lea (1200 CP member) says… "I was emailing my prospect to take a look at maps for months & he never joined, however I invited him to the last Hotel Maps LONDON presentation & he was so excited at what he saw he purchased 600 Credit Packs"

Victor did the same he invited his boss and his boss was so excited what he saw he went on to purchase 1200 credit packs too! 

I could go on & on the facts are always the same if you are TRULY SERIOUS about Making a Life Changing Income, Earning Real MONEY EVERY 20 minutes then purchase your tickets NOW ASAP before the event sells out!

DIAMOND Leaders you should be purchasing at least 10 to 20+ tickets each (MINIMUM) to give away to all your prospects/team members. 

More & more team members are having more & more success with MAPS and the secret is that ALL the top earning members ATTEND ALL the MAPS EVENTS! 

Not only that they also have team members at these events & also multiple prospects. 

Order as many tickets as you can & be sure to give the tickets to your guests/team members. 

The MORE guests & team members you have at these events the MORE MONEY YOU WILL MAKE PERIOD! 

Over 10 of the worlds TOP MAPS earners will be in attendance, each of them have MAXED there profit share accounts out at 1200!!! (in less than 4 months) 4 to them COMPLETE BEGINNERS!

Come & meet them, ask them how they did it! Learn DIRECT from the best of the best!

 All will be recorded on video with amazing photo opportunities with all the top leaders!

Don't miss this life changing event!

Grab a ticket or 2, 5, 10 or even MORE for your guests/contacts/team-members/prospects too!


ELITE 100+ Credit Pack Club Members we meet at the Cumberland Hotel in the morning 10 to 10.30am for leadership training, masterminding & hang out for an early lunch.


10am ELITE 100+ CP Club Members meet up for Mastermind & Hangout plus Photo Opportunity. 

12.30pm Registration for MAPS Presentation & Training

1pm Prompt Start MAPS Business Opportunity Presentation

1.45pm Testimonials & Maps updates

2pm Short Break

2.15pm Maps Training How to get to 1200 CP 3, 6, 12 months or LESS

3pm How To Get at least 2 to 20 Referrals DAILY

3.30pm Finish with Q & A

4pm BAR for drinks, photo & video opportunities 

5pm to 6pm Finish

Be sure you ASK to JOIN the Simon Stepsys MAPS Facebook Group (over 23,500+ members) 



at London
The Cumberland Hotel
The West End, United Kingdom

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