Mygooi captures ancient roots of baseball, cricket

CHENNAI, India (PRWEB) September 17, 2014

Gilli-danda, an ancient sport of India believed to be the source of baseball, cricket and softball, is now available for smart phone play as gooigilli, says mygooi founder Jay Namboor. The game is available for IOS ( and Android (

Gilli-danda is played in India and the countries around it, but its had a much wider influence, said Namboor. We wanted to share its gooiness with the rest of the world. See a gilli-danda video at

Designed for all ages, the free app has 10 levels of play and its introduction is being accompanied by events in India sponsored by mygooi and featuring live Gilli-danda games.

The game is played with a long wooden stick the danda and a small oval piece of wood the gilli. A player stands in a small circle with the gilli on the ground, flips the gilli into the air with the danda and, while it is in flight hits it, sending it as far as possible. The player then runs from the circle to a designated spot before an opponent retrieves it. The game can be played as individuals or in teams, but theres no maximum number of players on a team.

In the app, players score points by hitting the gilli as far across the field as possible without an outfielder catching it. Skill-based controls make it easy to start playing but hard to master, said Namboor, and its graphics are unique. Leader boards let you take on your friends. Its thoroughly gooi.

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