Gives a Custom, Cool and a Unique Google Plus Nick According to a Person’s Profession

Chennai, India (PRWEB) October 06, 2011 is a free service which provides custom short Google plus url’s according to the user’s profession. By using this service, Google plus users have a cool and a unique shot profile url to share with their friends.

“I have been one among the regular initial users of the great Google+ social network service and I am really loving it. I strongly believe that Google+ is here to stay because of one simple reason. We all use at-least one of the Google apps almost every single day. Let it be Gmail for email OR Google Reader for RSS OR Picasa for photos or YouTube for videos, Google books, Google calendar, Google groups, Google maps, Google news, Google translate, Google blogs, Google sites, Google adsense, Google Adwords etc., The Google list goes on and on. So considering this scenario, we all will eventually start using Google+ as our primary online identity sooner or later. Now when that happens there are going to be millions of Google plus users and everyone will need a custom URL for their Google+ profile. It is for this reason, I really felt the need for custom short URLs for Google+ profiles” says Vinoth Chandar, Founder of

There are lots of domains available for selection according to a persons profession. For example, doctors have, attorneys have, IT professionals have and so on. The website also provides stylish short names like, and so on. There are more than 25 custom domains to choose from.


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