MyNetWire Celebrates 14 Year Anniversary as Web Design Company

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) March 05, 2015

In February 2001, MyNetWire began as a small, single-employee business with a focus on web development and hosting. The Indianapolis start-up has been alive and kicking ever since, growing stronger every year.

The business now has 10 employees and serves more than 2,700 clients from a wide variety of fields and industries. From web design and software creation to search engine optimization, MyNetWire has expanded its operations and capabilities considerably since its inception.

The company mostly works with small businesses, which makes sense considering that it itself is a small business. MyNetWire only had 30 clients by the end of 2001. Today, it has nearly 100 times that amount of customers. Shawn Harbert, the company’s creator, claims that the business started out as a “hobby.”

“This business began with an interest in web development for small businesses; it started as a hobby,” Harbert said. “I got very interested in web design and started dabbling in it. Some businesses approached me about building websites; it made me realize there was a market in website design. I formed the company and started doing small websites for businesses.”

Harbert and the rest of the staff at MyNetWire are thankful for their success, especially after considering the innovations in web design over the past 14 years and the number of businesses they have seen rise and fall pursuing the same thing.

“We’re lucky to have survived through all the ups and downs,” he said, “as well as new methods in web design. We have seen a lot of competitors come and go, and we’ve developed processes in house that have kept us in business and relative in our field.”

Currently, the company offers services in website development, promotions marketing, security, communication, social media, and search engine optimization.

About MyNetWire

MyNetWire works with over 2,700 clients in a variety of industries, supplying top SEO, website design, and social media services. The company has a hands-on approach with each customer that helps ensure quality, affordable services. To learn more, visit

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