MyNetWire Hires New Chief Technology Officer to Keep Up With Consumer Needs

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) March 26, 2015

Local business MyNetWire promoted Senior Web Developer Greg Herrell to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) after more than two years at the company.

Before the promotion, Herrell managed and collaborated with MyNetWire’s web developers and programmers on the company’s various technology projects. Since March 16, he now has full authority over the projects. Herrell’s extensive experience in the technology industry will serve him well in his new capacity.

With over 17 years of experience, Herrell is a valuable asset to the company. The company’s managers granted him the promotion with full confidence that he will take MyNetWire to new heights.

“We wanted him to lead the efforts for all the technology and tech projects the company takes on in the future,” said Clayton Thompson, a partner at MyNetWire.

The website designing and marketing company hopes Herrell will use his expertise and immense experience in the technology field to keep the company up-to-date on the latest methodologies and technology trends. Given that MyNetWire is in the tech field itself, the managers feel it is essential for them to hire the right people in order to keep up with their competitors and the market in general (which, of course, includes the customers).

“He will still be somewhat hands on for major projects, but we really need him to be there for us and oversee that projects get started and completed on time,” Thompson said.

Among Herrell’s many skills are web and database development on multiple platforms such as php, .net, MySQL, and SQL Server.

“Where Greg’s most valuable skill set lies is that he has proven himself capable of handling any development platform,” Thompson said.

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