To install the Namazu Flat Hop you will need. ORGAでFireFly なまず辛口+Magnusバレルを利用したVer2用のメタルチャンバーへHopチューンを行った動画。 詳細はORGA Airsoft and ORGA Militaryblogにも掲載してます。 # ORGA Airsoft # ORGA Militaryblog To install the Namazu Flat Hop you will need: – your disassembled hop-up unit – an ORGA Magnus 6.23mm WideBore Barrel – Namazu Flat Hop nub – hop bucking You will also need: – a Small pair of scissors – an exacto knife – crazy glue We will start by placing the Magnus barrel in the hop unit, using the retention C-clip to hold it in place. Check the hop-up window to make sure it is aligned. Notice that the inner barrel can be seen slightly towards the back of the hop window. We want to make sure that the Namazu doesn’t pinch in this area, so we will cut the Namazu down to size. We are going to want to cut off the two protruding sections, as these can flex when excessive hop is applied, and may pinch in the hop window, preventing the hop from being turned down or off. Use the size of the hop window as a guide when judging how much of the Namazu to cut. First step is to snip off the two protruding points of the Namazu with your scissors so that is looks similar to this. Then use your cutting knife to remove the excess hop rubber from the back of the Namzu. Your cut should look like this. Then place the small steel pin into the hole in the center of the Namazu. This helps to prevent side to side movement
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