NAMM 2015: Oberheim SEM for Eurorack

NAMM 2015: Oberheim SEM for Eurorack
We saw the Oberheim Two Voice (Voice Pro) on Weds preview day, but also announced at NAMM (on Friday) was the news of the new Eurorack format SEM and multi-stage phaser modules. The SEM single voice is a full SEM voice with optional partner …
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This Nano Skin Could Let Us Watch Life at the Smallest Scales
One of biology's most powerful tools has an ironic limitation: It can only look at dead things. The field emission scanning electron microscope—let's just call it FE-SEM from here on out, deal?—gave scientists their first views of DNA's double helix …
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SEM vs AM Basketball Recap
The girls contest, which was a back and forth contest for much of the second half, finally broke the way of the Lady Mustangs late in the fourth quarter thanks largely to SEM's ability to find a way to knock down free throws. The two teams combined to …
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