Nancy Ajram – Badak Teb2a Fik HQ [English Translate] نانسي عجرم – بدك تبقى فيك

All copyrights belong to Nancy Ajram. Follow her on Twitter Sorry if the translation not correct. You can comment for correction.
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12 Responses to Nancy Ajram – Badak Teb2a Fik HQ [English Translate] نانسي عجرم – بدك تبقى فيك

  1. lebchamp95 says:

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  2. Chanel L says:

    wauw nice <3

  3. minaliza smile says:


  4. wolfates says:

    بدك تبقى فيك بدك تمشي فيك بتبقى أو بتفل مابيتغير شي لما القلب يمل مابيسأل على شي..

  5. Rere Rahoofa says:

    يعني اذا بدك تروح فيك تروح واذا بدك تمشي فيك تمشي هيك يعني

  6. Rahmat Nazari says:

    Am an afghan and I was 12 when I first listened to Nancy and I loved it since then am crazy to get her new album when it comes out all my friends are surprise and telling me if I understand it of course I don’t but I still love it and I don’t know why lol and thanks for the lyrics

  7. aloyvender says:

    Great song! Love that very fancy latin touch…Well done beautiful Nancy, you are a very versatile singer and I love you for that

  8. Ninascomments says:

    Lovely Lyrics ~

  9. emiryahya6 says:

    i already done that but refuse to upload due to copyright..2 of my posted videos already blocked by although the videos don’t have’s logo in that video..damn!

  10. Shaista Anwar says:

    tnx but lyrics with vdo plz

  11. yourluckystar94 says:

    HAHA ana bel awal mafhmet bas hala2 fhemet/ eno bedak teb2a feek w eza bedak kaman feek. eno mtl “bte2dar” bklme tanye :P

  12. jrrah alshmmari says:

    بدك تبقئ فيك بدك تمشي فيك — مافهمت *_*

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