Nancy Retzer Comments on the Growth of the Luxury Pet Industry

New York, New York (PRWEB) March 04, 2013

A new article from The Business Insider details the rapid growth of the luxury pet industry. The sectors developments illustrate that pet owners are willing to pay a premium to keep their animals happy. Even as the economy is in a state of recovery, animal lovers have no problem spending money on their four-legged companions. Nancy Retzer, who owns Rovers Pals Pet Sitting Service, comments on this trend.

Reuters states that the pet industry contributes nearly $ 53B annually to the nations economy. This figure has grown each year, even during the recession. Pet owners in Arizona spend more on their animals than their counterparts in all of the other states. High-end pet food is just one of the many areas where owners are willing to pay a lofty price. Walmart has even launched its own brand of high end pet food called Pure Balance in order to fully capitalize on this growing demand.

While there are many reasons for this big spending on four-legged friends, some experts suggest that there are psychological reasons for the need to keep pets happy. The Christian Post notes that many people who lack human companionship or have recently become empty nesters begin to pamper their pets, sparing no expense to keep their dogs, cats, and even birds comfortable.

While some pet owners choose to shower their furry companions with endless toys and food that humans would feel comfortable eating, others take the idea of luxury for pets one step further. Across the country, pet-specific spas are becoming popular. These facilities offer massages, feather hair extensions, and facials, all for animals. Dog bakeries have also become a common staple in plazas throughout the United States. These shops sell a range of delicacies made specifically for dogs and cats to enjoy.

Those looking to pamper their pets can also purchase a self-cleaning litter robot that costs nearly $ 400, a VIP fragrance for dogs that will set the purchaser back thousands of dollars, and a multi-million dollar studded dog collar. Pet owners can also find veils created especially for canine nuptials. For those who want to make sure that their animals get to and from the groomer in style, pet limo services now exist.

Nancy Retzer, the founder of Rovers Pals Pet Sitting Service, spends the majority of her day around pets. She understands many pet owners want their four-legged companions to live in luxury. Nancy notes, For many people, pets are like their children. They wouldnt think twice about giving their husband or kid a luxury item, so they have no problem spending serious cash on gifts for their dog or cat. She goes on to conclude, Pets also provide companionship and help to fight loneliness. For many people, you cant put a dollar amount on that.


Nancy Retzer is the founder of Rovers Pals Pet Sitting Service. The Atlanta-based company offers grooming, training, dog walking, pet daycare, and overnight sitting services. Owners can utilize a taxi service to help shuttle their pet to and from Rovers Pals without hassle.

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