Nancy Retzer Reflects on The Growing Trend of Honoring Pets On Valentines Day

New York, New York (PRWEB) February 25, 2013

A new article from USA Today discusses pet owners unique take on Valentines Day. While the holiday is traditionally reserved for showing significant others and family members that they are loved, many pet owners have begun to use the day to shower their pets with affection, too. Nancy Retzer, an animal lover and owner of Rovers Pals Pet Sitting Service, supports this new trend.

The article notes that one in five Americans display their love for their non-human friends on Valentines Day. In fact, their Valentines Day purchases for their dogs, cats, fish, and horses, and birds totals $ 815M, according to a new survey from the National Retail Federation.

While some consumers see this behavior as strange, instead opting to leave their purchases for spouses or family members, others view their pets as invaluable parts of their lives. Because of their deep connection with their animals, they enjoy pampering them on the holiday.

Kristen Levine, a pet expert and founder of a pet-focused marketing firm called Fetching Communications notes that the physical interaction between pet and owner becomes even more special in an increasingly digital world. She explains, You can communicate digitally with most people in your life through text, e-mail, and Facebook. But you cant do that with your pet.

Many shelters and pet retailers have begun to roll out Valentines Day themed products that are designed for non-human companions. These include be mine dog clothing and heart-shaped treats. The ASPCA is also selling heart-dotted collars and heart-shaped dog tags.

Nancy Retzer spends most of her day surrounded by pets of all shapes and sizes. She is the owner of Rovers Pals Pet Sitting Service, where she and her team provide dog sitting, grooming, and training to pets in the Atlanta area. As an animal lover, she is in support of honoring pets on Valentines Day. She states, For many people, pets are an extension of their family. We honor our husbands, wives, parents, and siblings on Valentines Day, so why not celebrate this family member too? It feels good to show affection to the people and animals that we love on this special holiday.

But fortunately, as Levine points out, there is no pressure to purchase your pet a special Valentines Day treat. She notes, The reality is that your pets dont know its Valentines Day. Youre not going to get grief if you dont come home with anything.


Nancy Retzer is the creator of Rovers Pals Pet Sitting Service. Nancy and her team provide dog walking, house sitting, grooming, and training services for pet owners living in the Atlanta area. The business also provides a taxi service, making it easy for pet owners to get their animals to and from daycare.

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