Nano Building System

Nano Building System

Image by jurvetson
And we thought the NanoCar would be such an obvious spoof…

Today, in some geographies, the “nano” prefix is used across a huge array of consumer products, like a nouveau “neo” moniker, devoid of meaning.

The outer packaging announces 85 Nano-Sized™ NanoPieces™, and the manual introduces NanoMan™ and the Nanoverse™ of related kits. This one comes in a NanoCase™ with a NanoMagnifier™…. so you can see the nanotech inside?

8 Replies to “Nano Building System”

  1. and these small pieces are not compatible with anything else…. When Google built their first disk array, they used Duplo blocks for the framing to hold the individual drives. Perhaps these could be used for a RAIUD (Redundant Array of Inexpensive USB Drives).

  2. Of course not compatable, Lego might sue after all! Hmmf. RAIUD! RAD! 😀 SLOWH. I just heard of a deal tonight that could get you drives for a 6 drive 1TB Raid 5 for around $500. Fairly impressive, even if the drives are the WD AB drives, which I hear are dog slow. It’d beat RAIUD. *grin*

  3. Spy-man: I had not seen that. Wow. Some real fans out there… Ben: RAIUD is purely theoretical at this point. A technology looking for a market… outside of the Lego robot niche… 😉

  4. Steve: I’m not sure if this meets your definition of RAIUD, but someone’s already made an iPod Shuffle RAID out of four 1gb Shuffles and a USB 2.0 hub (using OSX). And adding some colorful "Mega-Nano" blocks could spice up the design. 😉

  5. Brace yourself for a repeat of the "TURBO" level of cool-word wear out with ‘nano’ which will have nano-logic justifying its nano-value but macro scale features. The trend is your friend…

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