Nano Inside

Nano Inside

Image by jurvetson
Who ever said that you can’t find nanotech garage startups?
From a hidden location in Silicon Valley…

They are bringing up a fancy Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM). Many moons ago, I took photos of atoms using an HRTEM variant.

(They are hiring – so if this looks appealing, and you have an optics and materials science background, ping me at We are not investors, but I can pass it to them)

There’s a destination a little up the road
From the habitations and the towns we know

Where it’s at!
I got two light tables and a microscope

Where it’s at!
I got two light tables and a microscope

– Beck ♫ ♪

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5 Responses to Nano Inside

  1. brain_dancing says:

    I’ll take the cute guy in the towel.

  2. restlessthought says:

    looks like a fun place to work… especially on dress-casual fridays (… and here it is only thursday.)

  3. obskura says:

    I suppose that’s one of the good things about nano-tech that it doesn’t need a lot of space 😉

  4. vennettaj(a bit away) says:

    this is one clean shot/office..

  5. Todd Huffman says:

    Hahaha I’ve known those guys for years, way before they were in Silicon Valley or had investment.

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