Nanotech Protective Armor by d3o Lab

This armor is lightweight and flexible, but becomes rock-hard when force is applied. Watch Sky News reporter Derek Tedder smash someone with a shovel. It doesn’t even phase them.

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9 Responses to Nanotech Protective Armor by d3o Lab

  1. SGTBrian1 says:

    they should make a parkour jumpsuit out of it as well

  2. TheMudkipArmy says:

    Where can I buy this stuff at?

  3. HomersimpsoninPortal says:

    Cave Johnson here.

  4. 45ccd says:


  5. chino3654 says:

    they should do some parkour shoes out of this 

  6. TangyTangoJuice says:

    lol what if he misses the knee

  7. danialhussin says:

    would that be cool for a rugby shoulder packs. even the canter ones are magnificent. which would be lighter? which would be more expensive?

  8. aust69dec69 says:

    where did you get the hat?

  9. MrCackle says:

    This stuff is amazing

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