Nanotech Risks

Andrew Maynard, chief science advisor for the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, talks to Jorge Ribas about the technology’s risks.
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  1. Wow a whopping 2 min 19 sec on the possible dangers of Nanotechnology! For anyone who would like to delve deeper into that subject I would suggest reading Drexler’s “Engines of Creation”. Since human nature does not change we are in danger of annihilating ourselves as we reach the limits of technology. Guess what people! They have yet to produce a mainstream science fiction film that shows what the future will really look like. And guess what, it ain’t Star Trek. Most minds are not ready.

  2. Nanotechnology is several magnitudes more dangerous than fire. Any material on the planet that the nanomachines consume could end up as a victim of their massive reproduction potential. If any of those materials they use to reproduce lie within living organisms, you’d see EXACTLY how dangeous they would be.

  3. Read or listen audio book “Spontaneous Evolution” . Evolution cannot be stopped, it’s impossible, science will move forward & with the advent of the net we r all connected & we r larger & more powerful than some misguided corporation’s which only have as much power as we give them. God? We are God. Everything in the Universe is connected on a quantum scale and combined we are God. The universe is evolving & no corporation can stop it. Use inet 4 collective power, start here and now.

  4. Who stagnates the water in remote rainforests to the point of poisoning local wildlife hundreds of years before human contact? Who killed the dinosaurs, and the hundreds upon thousands of species that existed before we did? Who was the first to develop poison as an attack mechanism and kill indiscriminately? Not humans Humanity strains the environment; We are trying to remedy that. Without us, the world would once again be a natural anarchy. And a killing ground. Lots of trees though

  5. Not all of us anyway. Just the religious, the fanatics, the shoebox-world ordinary people that are afraid of it and whom will be voting against it’s development for the next 100 years, military factions, country flags, and global monopolizing agents. Then maybe some kind of stillness and sense of progress will evolve around everyday life on all levels of society.

  6. hey the earths going one day we’re just living it up as it goes along..maybe speeding it up a lil but not much…considering the universe doesnt care if one planet is gone…filled with a semi intelligent species..semi because we arent space faring yet…when we colonize other worlds..then we’ll be up least we’re sentient

  7. Nano tubes are made of carbons so they burn oxydate and they are not more dangerous than the black smoke from a candle. But they can make concrete 8 times more resistant make ink jet printed solar cell much faster computer because of temperature limits higher. It’s THE technological revolution we should insist to buy the patend for cheap production (10000$/kg average min 4000 max 100000$/kg) by the UN and make it available for free. You can use under product of sugar cane to produce fullerene

  8. HordeWTFPWNER Yeah, just take a look at our planet. No species being anihilated by our capitalist machine. Without us, who would destroy the woods? Who would polute the water? Who would abuse the other animals?

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