Nanotech roundup: nanocapsules, DNA labelling and more

Nanotech roundup: nanocapsules, DNA labelling and more
A new method for treating alcohol poisoning could speed up the breakdown of alcohol and prevent alcohol-related deaths. Scientists in China and the US bundled enzymes – biological catalysts – close together in a nanocapsule, which improved their …
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SRC and NSF partner to develop compact models for emerging nanotech
“Moving from devices to systems is the next phase of the National Nanotechnology Initiative, and compact models are the critical link between the two,” said Lynn Preston, NCN program team leader at NSF. “Supported by NSF since its inception in 2002 …
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Nanotech "Scaling Up" Technologies Progress
A year ago I asked: why Nanotech was not yet the projected world changing technology? I answered: 'there are deficiencies in the scale up technology and business models so far employed." Interestingly this year we seem to be making progress in that key …
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