Nanotech Solar Cells being Developed by RedWave Energy

Nanotech Solar Cells being Developed by RedWave Energy
We've talked before about how nanotech might improve current solar panel efficiency. One such technology developed by Sol Voltaics very cheaply produces nanowires which are stored in a sort of ink, which is then printed on a standard silicon-based …
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This Nanotech "Lily Pad" Could Obliterate Stormwater Pollution
A Beaverton start-up has created a floating "lily pad" that uses solar-activated nanotechnology to break down water contaminants. Puralytics CEO Mark Owen said the device could treat storm water pollution before it reaches nearby waterways if it were …
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Cheap Nanotech Filter Clears Hazardous Microbes and Chemicals from
About 780 million people—a tenth of the world's population—do not have access to clean drinking water. Water laced with contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, lead and arsenic claims millions of lives each year. But an inexpensive device that …
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