12 Replies to “Nanotechnology for Students”

  1. Absolutely you will need to understand chemistry VERY well. If studying nanotech you are dealing with things on the atomic scale. Chemistry will be your base as it will teach you the fundamentals of the Atom, and how atomic structures connect with each other.

  2. DNA isn’t 2.5nm long… Just because your target audience isn’t knowledgeable about nanotechnology doesn’t give you an excuse to present information inaccurately.

  3. from what i know from my brother who is alomost through majoring in biology and trying to reach for medical school , yes you need chemistry to fully undestand the way everything is build. you need some physics but i would say biology and chem are essential and needed

  4. REALLY AMAZING ..video i m really inspired by the video ..that i have decided to make a video of this on my own..will be posting the video in a week or so …be sure to watch it..!!!!! if i copy some of the content of ur video is that all right..????? please let me know .. ASAP ..!!!

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