Nao Robot

See and http The Nao humanoid Robot.

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13 Responses to Nao Robot

  1. missmaemoo says:

    We have one at school. It is so cool x

  2. fatima Soledad says:

    yo conosco muy bien ese robot e visto un monton videos de el de demostracion por ejemplo

  3. Freshviews says:

    Omg technology is REALLY moving forward


    terminator is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fallen Seraphim says:

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  6. mazen shabban says:

    so he throws anything on the floor in the rubbish?? what if my ipod was on the floor

  7. MattScoots3940 says:

    *Some assembly required.

  8. rainers535 says:

    @XReflexian Wouldnt really call it a toy but yeah it is expensive!

  9. Tudor4398 says:

    They still have to work on the legs. In rest, they look good.

  10. CrazyFrogMADAFAKA says:

    BLUE: OH Red’s favorite Toy, I’ll teach that bastard. (Throws away toy) RED: Hey Blue, have you seen my favorite rubber ducky? I can’t find it anywhere. BLUE: (Looks Around) Hmm… nope no idea where it is. RED: Oh… alright.. I’ll keep looking. Blue gets kicked over. BLUE: I KNOW RED PUT YOU UP TO THIS!

  11. XReflexian says:

    Would love to have one …. but 10.000 euro is a bit expencive for a toy XD

  12. Kursat Karadag says:

    amk adamlar robot yapmış biz hala elimizi sikelim…

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