National Geographic Live! – Robot vs. Tiger

Photographer Steve Winter tries out a unique gizmo to get an in-your-face view of tigers. Upcoming Events at National Geographic Live! Buy Photographs by Steve Winter
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15 Responses to National Geographic Live! – Robot vs. Tiger

  1. 13101988andoni says:

    yes, there is, and it is called NATURE, and it is above your stupid fiction garbage Character .. you sick twisted fanatic individual…i am right on the edge already with this religion…it is unbearable…

  2. Zen Slicer says:

    **************To see an awesome tiger picture just google (first link): scienceray tiger

  3. milico83 says:

    very easi yo los puedo construir 

  4. paulosemifusa says:

    hahaha…very nice man…

  5. jagtar4 says:

    tiger like fuck that i want meat not robot

  6. Atarix777 says:

    I just love this video :-)

  7. Kha Dinh says:

    It was Awesome! 

  8. skalabadah stortak says:


  9. cizaro says:

    Tiger is like “Great now I have to deal with their robots too!!”

  10. raynarayskye says:

    This dude has been smoking what? He sounds like Leo from that 70’s show.

  11. ihajeeorbis says:

    that was awesome!!

  12. LosAngelesFresh1 says:

    Except for you since you commented about it.. -_-

  13. SweetCherryAppleDip1 says:

    -_- no one cares about ur shit eating animal…

  14. Irockurboots says:

    so does mine.

  15. LosAngelesFresh1 says:

    who what when where how?

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