National Science and Technology Week: LED Deer Crossings

National Science and Technology Week: LED Deer Crossings

Image by TranBC
New technologies have allowed the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to improve safety and efficiency for travellers. To help you visualize some of the ways we’re utilizing technology, we collected some photos of our gizmos and gadgets.

In an effort to prevent collisions with deer in highly populated areas on Highway 97, solar powered LED deer crossing signs light up based on the time of day and year.
•Mid February to the end of April – the lights flash from dusk to dawn – when deer tend to cross the highway seeking water or new ground.
•May – the lights go out and stay off for the sunnier (and quieter deer) months.
•Late September to mid February – the lights flash 24 hours a day. This is mating season, when the animals are less wary, and deer sightings and collisions are most common.

National Science and Technology Week runs Oct 12-21, 2012.

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