Nationwide Bus Wraps Manufacturer, JMR Graphics, Comments on Montebellos Decision to Sell Advertising Space on Their City Buses

Central Islip, NY (PRWEB) December 13, 2012

On December 13, Nationwide Bus Wraps Manufacturer, JMR Graphics, comments on the city of Montebellos implementation of a pilot-program that allows the city to sell advertising space on its buses.

According to an EPG News article, The Montebello Bus Lines will now carry advertisements on their 50 buses, which run from Montebello to Downtown Los Angeles. The article reports that the buses will run with advertisements during a six month trial. After which time, EPG News reports, the city will evaluate the success of the program. The city has decided to utilize their bus fleet as moving billboards in order to help combat its multi-year budget deficits, states the article. Montebello is hoping that the pilot program will increase revenue resources, and attract new businesses and customers to the city.

The article states that Montebello is drawing from the tactics of the City of Santa Monica in regards to how the program is carried out. All the advertising for the program is in-house, explains the article.

Sam Carpenter, the Director of Marketing for The Shops at Montebello, stated in the article, When you market a shopping center, transit advertising is an important component of that.

EPG News reports that the city would like to eventually attract national brands for bus advertisements, and though they are not excluding non-profits, the city has targeted businesses with the program.

JMR Graphics representative, Christopher DAngelo, states, This is a great way for Montebello to increase revenue. A lot of American and even some foreign cities are testing pilot programs like this. Cities have varying demographics, and public transit reaches all those demographics, so utilizing these vehicles as moving billboards can prove to be very lucrative. Companies will spend a lot of money to have their advertisements all over a citys public transport system. Chris continues, Because the advertising is in-house, Montebello stands to make a great profit. Especially if they employ vinyl Bus Wraps or spot graphics, as they are inexpensive. This move to mobile media marketing, if implemented correctly, can return big profits for this city.

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