Nature of the Mind

Nature of the Mind

His Holiness the Dalai lama talks on the “Nature of the Mind” at the University of California Santa Barbara Events Center on April 24th, 2009. (www.dalailama…
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  1. There are 108 wrathful and peaceful deities in Buddhism. Westerners (of which I am) tell me these gods are metaphores. They have put their own goddless culture on Buddhism totally disregarding the nature of the tantrik deities. Existentialism seems to be the sad/ happy way that white people view buddhism. You check the Nath Gurus and see what you think then about siddhi, shunyata and pingala. Naragajuna can turn tricks, Adi Shankara can rip reality away to reveal truth and eternal oneness moving

  2. Continuity of what? Academia needs bs to have growth? Western academia picking up on Buddhism could be a growth of cancer, with their historical zeal to convert people and distort teachings. . And really, boring was not the issue… Its about bragging and begging for praise, with no understanding of the Buddhist concept of doing good things without asking for anything in return. Expectation and manipulative words do spoil good deeds.

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  4. It’s funny to hear his expressions when his translator goes on and on explaining a teaching; the lama is like, huh?! Ideas I guess that’s what I mean.. He is probably like, tone it down a bit we are starting to look like equals here… Haha too funny.. I understand his title is lama but why refer to him as holiness when you don’t subscribe to his dogma? And out respect is not a valid answer because of the connotations of the word itself.

  5. One of the main problems in the modern world is that we have forgotten the way to be simple. Simple is the right context is very profound, complicated minds and views brings about unrest and agitation. So called intellectuals are not sophisticated beings, they are just simple complicated…..

  6. I agree, he doesn’t understand Buddhism. He talks of practice. A man who understands doesn’t practice. Only when you don’t understand you practice. When we fail to understand despair we invent Hope, When we fail to understand violence we invent Non-violence, When we fail to understand fear we invent God.

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