Navy Ponders Legal Implications of Deploying Maritime Robots

Navy Ponders Legal Implications of Deploying Maritime Robots
A much more extensive debate still lies ahead, though, on the potential unintended consequences and liabilities associated with the use of robotic weapons, Card said Feb. 14 at an Association for Unmanned Vehicles International conference in McLean, Va.
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Robots that kids built
If school labs were inhabited by mad scientists, The Indian Public School's robotics workroom is what they would look like. Spare parts lie around, work manuals pile high, the walls are covered with flow charts and labelled diagrams, and, in the middle …
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Will Robots Create Economic Utopia?
The robots are coming! Every day it seems we hear another story blaming robots and automation for the disappearance of not only menial jobs, but middle-class ones as well—the kind of work that pays enough to fund a pension, a health-care plan, and a …
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