Nazi DDAC Map (cover)

Nazi DDAC Map (cover)

Image by jczart
Cover of the DDAC Map of Germany, 1941 – found at a junk sale in Moscow for an old Soviet archive. This is a road map, and features route numbers and road projects over political features or railroads (like most of the other maps from that era).

This map is a "Members Issue" and is larger and more complete than the typical DDAC road maps for that time. It includes all of Germany and brings in Slovenia, Austria, Luxembourg, Memel and parts of Poland, France, Belgium, and Denmark as Germany.

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  1. FireChief2 says:

    Thanks very much for posting this – very interesting to look over a piece of history like this.

  2. jczart says:

    This has been entirely rescanned here:

  3. FireChief2 says:

    Tks once again for the rescan.

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