NBA 2K15 – New Ranking System! @2Kstauff What Are You Doing? + Kevin Durant Only A 95 Overall?

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21 thoughts on “NBA 2K15 – New Ranking System! @2Kstauff What Are You Doing? + Kevin Durant Only A 95 Overall?

  1. I agree with KD being a 95. Only about 4-5 players deserve being at least a 90. In my opinion LA should replace Melo but I think Melo will get at least a 90. Lebron – 96 KD – 95 CP3 – 93 Melo – 90

  2. Durant isnt even a 95, hes a good player but not that great. There are flaws in his game just like Lebron’s game and if you know REAL basketball you would understand. No one is 99 in NBA even Jordan had flaws. How are you upset that durant (the guy who chokes in crutch time in the playoffs) is only a 95? He should be a 91 and lebron a 94 at best. Durant isnt a consistent 3 point shooter from outside the corner and Lebron isnt a great shooter either. I can not believe you would sit there and wine about stats lol if you put the video games down and actually watched basketball on a regular basis, you would knoe having anyone over 95 in todays NBA is over rated. No one is 99 at anything in any sport. 

  3. I think it would be the opposite for myplayer. You look at the last 2k and you start about 67 overall with the lowest rated players at 50 something. This means they making the ratings closer to the superstars. Which seems right. Cuz it brings the balance you’d expect to see in the league. In the league, on any given night…. Any player could score 10 points or more. Corey Brewer for instance, man hit 50 last year. He’s on a 74 on 2k14 meaning it’ll be close to impossible to do crap like that. By making the superstars a little lesser and the bench players a little higher… You balance out the game. It’s smart. Just going to piss some off. Won’t be surprise if you see some of our favorite players at the upper 70’s. I’m not worried at all though. The game will feel the same. The stars will still score 30 and the bench players may still not come off the bench lol you’ just may miss a few more times 

  4. I see what they’re trying to do to eliminate the cheese and make it more realistic. But sometimes the cheese is what make 2k fun. Like if you don’t like the nba but you like 2k is because of how fun the game is to play. Not how accurate it is to real life. Obviously you want it to be accurate to real life. But I don’t like how Lebron is not a 99. And how KD is not a 97. And only 4 90s. In my opinion I think every all star last year should be a 90 and not ruin a players play by making it less cheesy. Pretty sure you can make it less cheesy with more than 4 90s 

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