Nearly 33 Percent of Welsh Construction Sites Fail Checks

Nearly 33 Percent of Welsh Construction Sites Fail Checks
The inspectors visited sites where refurbishment or repair work was taking place, to support a drive to improve standards in one of Britain's most dangerous industries. They made unannounced visits to ensure companies are managing high-risk activity …
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Colin Strong :What Does the Prism Debate Mean for Brands?
For example, Mozilla is planning to trial the blocking of third party cookies by default on its Firefox browser unless they are from a site that the user has visited previously. BT has long offered visitors to different levels of cookie access …
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Prism and privacy: What could they know about me?
For this reason, most companies will only use the IP address to get a vague idea of where their visitors are coming from. Continue … In theory internet service providers (ISPs) can "see" everything a user chooses to do online including every website …
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