Negative SEO

Matt Cutts addresses questions about negative SEO. Learn more about the disavow links feature: Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: More videos: Webmaster Central Blog: Webmaster Central:
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12 thoughts on “Negative SEO

  1. Chris, I have had a positive experience with 2 clients that I have used this tool for, The majority of the link building was private blog networks where the owners were non responsive, with anchor text targeting the keywords affected, i managed to successfully recover 2 websites out of the 2 clients, i downloaded the entire of my clients links and deleted the trusted ones out of excel, exported to .txt and submitted, 6 weeks later after manually submitting for a review and SUCCESS. Very happy!

  2. about 95% of all sites on the web have got a poor backlink profile and can be neg seo’d in a matter of seconds…last couple of updates seem to be nothing but shit at best.

  3. How about google devalues/ignores spammy links instead of penalizing for them? That’s what they used to do. There’s no way to assign a penalty for a spammy link and not open up a negative SEO window.

  4. Of course, if someone hits your site with an automated tool, you get the joy of trying to identify the potentially hundreds of thousands of unique domains, of which the Google Webmaster interface only shows a tiny portion.  Big ‘G’ opened a nasty pandora’s box when they stopped the practice of devaluing spam links, and started the practice of penalizing for them. The disavow tool is a silly band-aid, assuming that big G even bothers doing anything with the data you put into it.

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