Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA at Arlington Virginia Microsoft store

Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA at Arlington Virginia Microsoft store
Event on 2014-10-27 19:00:00

 Tonights meeting has been cancelled due to snow alert ! 

Weather Alert !
Snow has caused the postponement of 
our first meeting 
at the Arlington VA Microsoft store 
tonight Mon March 17th, 7-9pm

Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA is opening a new chapter in Arlington Virginia with our community partner Microsoft store, holding weekly meetings Beginning March 26th then every monday beginning April 1.

Seats are limited to 20 as we need to keep the meetings personal and relevant. We also will have an associate from Microsoft who will sit throught he meeting and be able to offer help with any techonology questions.

 Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA, Inc., a national job-search and

support group.(

 Weekly Meeting Agenda –  (To be followed each and every week) 

  • Upon arrival at meeting all new members please fill in contact information list
  • Any Microsoft Store announcements 
  • Open with Group Mission- Pay it forward model – all volunteer membership
  • Facilitator announce up front that we keep the meeting on a very positive note
  • And each week we require a different member to lead the meeting.

Facilitator – brief statement of group mission

 Brief Introduction (basically 30 second version of elevator pitch) by each attendee to include:

–          Name

–          Background/Previous Employer

–          Expertise & Role you are looking for

–          Companies you are targeting

–          Name ( slow and clear )


  • Return to New Members for some additional time
  • All members, must update the group on week’s progress for job search and leads
  • Job Leads/Opportunities (from all)

–          Request for contacts

–          Hot companies

–          Upcoming Networking Events

–          Lessons Learned this week

–          Volunteering opportunities

  • Group open discussion & specific calls for help (from all)
  • Encourage all members to post job leads into LinkedIn NhN group
  • Encourage all to visit web site at :
  • Help each other each week with different areas of job search: interviewing, peer resume reviews, work with buddies in between meetings.
  • Tech talk – MS Associate 
  • Other Business (from all)

Prepared by:  John R. Fugazzie Founder/President of Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA, Inc.

 About Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA

Founded in River Edge, N.J., on Jan. 27, 2011, Neighbors-helping-Neighbors
has fostered a “pay it forward”, weekly accountability model. The organization is
recognized by The White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood
Partnerships and the U.S. Department of Labor. The nonprofit is applying to be
recognized as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue


We were just voted Top 100 Websites For Your Career by which really is a great testimony to the information on our site.

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