Nervo & Hook N Sling – Reason (Feex & The Noisy Freaks Remix)

Lovely remix by The Noisy Freaks and Feex. Available for free. Enjoy the music. ● Free Download: .:::Follow The Noisy Freaks:::. Facebook – Twitter – Soundcloud – .:::Follow Feex:::. Facebook – Twitter – Soundcloud – .:::Follow MoMMusic:::. Facebook – Twitter – Second Channel –

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16 Responses to Nervo & Hook N Sling – Reason (Feex & The Noisy Freaks Remix)

  1. ReTRoSPeCTz512 says:

    I was thinking the same thing, if anything maybe change the color of the backgrounds in the video? There’s some genres i like better than others, that way we can determine the genre of the song. The visuals are stunning dont get me wrong but clicking on the vid jus to determine its genre can be tiring.

  2. Ayrasmix says:

    This song broke my speakers, can someone please come Feex this? 😀

  3. Stephen Malta says:

    sounds like Xilent’s synths:o

  4. Zachary Brown says:

    This is outstanding.

  5. hybriddistinction says:

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  6. Ross Petand Mayormente says:


  7. Jetzixify says:

    i think you should write the genre of the song in the description of the video

  8. arusa01 says:

    if only there was a love button…

  9. arusa01 says:

    Everything i want and love!!!! =D

  10. somexrandomxguyx says:

    whats the intro picture??

  11. kulilimshuffle says:

    Dubstep, DnB, Liquid and Drumstep =)

  12. Lii Liixa says:

    where are the lyrics ?????

  13. wsciekly719 says:


  14. juan193 says:

    Can’t get enough! it’s just my type of beat!

  15. Aaron Norcia says:

    Mostly. But you can also find glitch hop and electro.

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