Net Worth Commerce TV Airs in Sarasota, Florida in October

Coral Springs, FL (PRWEB) October 10, 2013

Net Worth Commerce TV and its producers are pleased to present October air dates for the Sarasota and Port Charlotte areas in Southwestern Florida. The city is located in the Greater Tampa area which is an area rich in the business, finance and tech industries. It is also a popular retirement destination which offers residents and visitors the chance to enjoy pristine golf courses, crystal blue water for swimming, yachting and fishing, as well as an abundance of art venues and fine dining. The show airs throughout the country and is broadcast regionally on SNN Sarasota News Network Local News 6 via Comcast Cable.

The Net Worth Commerce TV show is a viewer favorite among the financial and business sectors, as well as with managers of all levels and entrepreneurs. It offers new and contemporary formats which keep viewers tuned in with topics ranging from innovative products and technologies to new software, and strategies which help businesses increase revenue, cut costs and improve overall business practices. It is a leader in informative and educational programming.

The program covers many topics in different fields such as technology, finance and business. It explores stories of interest to professionals and introduces the viewer to emerging technologies and companies paving the way with unique products and services. The show is headquartered in South Florida and films on location throughout the United States and Canada. It airs nationally and regionally on cable television networks. Learn more about Net Worth Commerce TV on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

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