Netcraft: Microsoft closes in on Apache Web server lead

Netcraft: Microsoft closes in on Apache Web server lead
Netcraft also reported that the use of the Nginx high performance Web server software continues to gain traction as well, at least with the most heavily visited websites. The monthly automated survey pinged over 975 million websites to determine which …
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Disney Land Budget Tips!
If you buy through other websites you can find a lot of good deals! Share This Story. 3. From the last time I visited Disney, you can … The start of summer is the most popular and the most expensive. Going later in the summer or even during winter …
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Apps falling behind mobile websites in rush to m-commerce
Where people had visited the brands, mobile websites were the most commonly used option across 12 of the retailers, with eBay the only brand to receive more traffic via its mobile app. Boots has the smallest proportion of app users at just 8 per cent …
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