Netflix continues to dominate Net traffic activity

Netflix continues to dominate Net traffic activity
Netflix remains the largest source of Internet traffic created on home networks during the busiest periods, a new Net traffic report says. But on the go, YouTube is the app of choice. The movie and TV streaming service accounted for 35% of downstream …
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How to keep the world's eyes out of your webcam
Just like with those who had concerns over Facebook's Messenger app, the website is exploiting the fact that most users accept the default settings on webcams. People integrate technology into their lives without any thought about the … The majority …
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MPAA Introduces Consumer Web Guide To Legitimate Movie And TV Sources
Dodd cites a study from KPMG in September that found that, as of December, 94% of “the most popular and critically acclaimed films” were available legally via online video-on-demand services. Specifically, it located 96% of the 100 top domestic box …

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