Netmark Combines Social Media Marketing to Increase Internet Marketing Strategies

Idaho Falls, ID (PRWEB) October 29, 2013

Netmark is incorporating their continuing data and research to update clients accounts by integrating social media marketing into all aspects of their campaigns. Netmark recently conducted several landmark Internet marketing research studies which show the interconnection of a strong social media presence and strong search engine rankings. Using this data, Netmark has initiated social media marketing changes to search engine optimization campaigns successfully.

Netmark, the award winning and prominent internet marketing agency located in Idaho Falls, ID, has been making waves in the internet marketing industry over the course of the last two years. Netmarks impact can be felt through their innovations, as well as their studies that demonstrate and back up their claims, has all combined to revolutionize the Internet marketing world. Now, looking through the findings of their studies, it has become apparent that a successful campaign, be it either a search engine optimization campaign, or a pay-per-click campaign, requires some social media interactions to be successful. This is a radical departure from the traditionally held belief that the only aspects that would impact a search engine optimization campaign is either on-page or off-page work.

On-page search engine optimization is focused on building keyword relevance of website. It involves selecting keywords that represent the product of service of the website and ensuring that the content on the website matches the sought keyword. Off-page importance means that the content on the website is linked to from other websites. This is where social media is able to make a large difference.

Due to the interconnected nature of social media, even over that of using a search engine, people are more likely to like, comment, share, or tweet about a product or service that they have recently used. These social media interactions are not only considered off-page importance to search engine algorithms, they appear to valued very highly and have considerable weight attached to them.

After revealing the correlation between the social media interactions and rankings, Netmark has now fully incorporated the two together to achieve greater search engine optimization results. This helps Netmarks clients attain the desired results of their campaigns by increasing their traffic, sales, and conversion rate. This strategy is part of the main reason why Netmark has been honored as one of the best internet marketing agencies according to,, and Netmark is currently accepting new clients and consultations with other Internet marketing agencies.

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